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here's so much to write about our travels and experiences in Europe over the last month, but there just hasnt been enough time!!!!! For now - here are a few pictures...


Moules, Frites and Beer near the Grand Place :) And the lovely Comic Art Museum.


The little medieval and romantic city. Monami took the modern art picture below, and it was chosen by for their online travel guide! And that's me about to dig into frog's legs for lunch. They were yum :)


The last time I had been to Amsterdam was about 10 years back; and it was so much fun to bicycle around the city avoiding trams, cars and other bikers ;) We spent most of the day at the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums. We also visited Madame Tussauds and goofed around for a bit as you can see.

The city that launched a thousand spas!!!! The place where spas began.. Who would have known that little Belgium had such lovely weekend retreats? We spent the weekend at the Thermes spa, a natural spring that you get to by going up the funicular. We also discovered a lovely B&B that I'm sure we'll visit again.

We visited Ypres, the site of some of the bloodiest carnage in WW1 on Rememberance/Armistice day and were touched deeply by the memorial service offered to the World War I soliders. Several aging war veterans in the crowds gave the place an ambiance I shall never forget. The beautiful buildings in the pictures were completely destroyed in the war and then completely rebuilt by the residents using older photographs. Pride. Dignity. And triumph of the human spirit.