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So, I moved from Blogspot a year or so back, and began using a fabulous static site generator called Pelican. The distribution offers a number of themes, but I’ve never liked any of them. So, I’ve been finally motivated to make some changes.

While I mostly liked the mnmlist theme, I made a number of changes:

  • I’ve been greatly inspired by the awesomeness of Readability, Medium, and Pocket.
  • I switched the typography from sans to serif.
  • Next, I redesigned the main blog header. Split out the title and the post. Added a subtitle section for pages.
  • Finally, I improved responsivness to different screen sizes and devices.

I really like the new look, and hope you’d appreciate it as well. Here’s what it currently looks like:

If you’d like to grab the theme, fork away from It’s still got some rough edges, which need cleanup.

I’d like to think the new design will inspire me to update this blog more often, or at least provide impetus for more frequent bursts of writing.