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I am "it". I was "tagged" by my colleague Monami as a part of this ongoing online feud to write the best 55 word short story (started by the New Times from San Luis Obispo). You can view Monami's little gem by clicking here.

Here's my first lazy attempt at conjuring something:

Poison Ivy and Nature's Call
It was a dark and stormy night. As the Kumars slept, a spacecraft landed in their yard, planted its seed, and left. It sprouted overnight and the deadly ivy began to flower. As the poisonous pollen sack swelled for dispersal and mass destruction, their dog Woofy strolled out and peed at the stem. It wilted.

I tag:Ramaa, Meera, Lester, Hasina, Preeti and Puja

Have fun! This is harder than you might think!