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If you live in Bangalore, you'd empathize with the clip below:

Do you hate Bangalore traffic as much as most of us do?

Well, here's a chance to be a part of an interesting social experiment conducted by the BMTC. They are organizing 'Bus Day' on Thursday, Feb 4th 2010. It's simple. Leave your personal vehicle at home, and use public transport to get to work.

Never taken the bus, and dont know the routes? Well, here's a neat little route map that's printer friendly: (Click here). And if you are headed to Electronic City or ITPL, here are the bus routes (Click here)


All said and done, you might be reading this and dismissing it as yet another passing fad or idealistic initiative. And you may well be right. Public transport may not be the only answer, and needs to be complemented with better infrastructure, better traffic management, and wider metro coverage. But then, take a minute to think of all the pain that the traffic situation gives us today. Give this initiative a chance. Share this post with colleagues and friends. As their slogan says, "Take the bus, boss!"