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Our golden retriever (Ma Belle) had started behaving a little naughty when we used to be away from home - chewing our shoes and raiding our closet. Since these were habits she'd given up on during her puppy days, we were quite puzzled. I installed a doggy spy cam :) using a software called AirCam which lets me monitor the stream from my iPhone anywhere, and also trigger remote recording sessions. I positioned it strategically to cover the shoe rack area, and turned the Night Vision mode on. As it turns out, she was smart enough to avoid Big Brother on that day, and played good. :-) I've only uploaded the last two minutes of the recording. You can see her enter the frame at 0:14 and perch herself on the stairwell. We enter at 1:32, and are welcomed with the boundless ebullience reflected energy which invigorates us at the end of a long day. Now we just need to catch her up to her mischief another day!