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emember the Liril girl? Vinod Khanna in the Cinthol Ad? Hamara Bajaj? The Zing Thing? Here are some old Indian TV Ads that should stir up some memories. Read on...

Hamara Bajaj

The classic Indian ad which further spurred the boom in scooter sales, and changed Indian traffic forever ;-)

Gold Spot - the Zing Thing

Thumbs Up and Gold Spot ruled the soft drink market in the pre-liberalization days until Coke and Pepsi came in.

Vinod Khanna in Cinthol

Vinod, Imran and others lent their macho image to Godrej's popular soap.

Lime 'n Lemony Limca

Recognize the Bollywood star in this ad? Both he and Limca continue to thrive.

Lijat Pappad

Looking back, I cant believe that this was such a popular ad back then, but I remember this appearing on TV often.

The Liril Girl

Bollyood has always had a thing for waterfalls and sirens. But when ad man Alyque Padmasee combined the freshness of lime with the imagery of waterfalls and a peppy jingle to promote a new soap, he created more than just a hit brand. The Liril girl was born.


Forget Kool-Aid, Rasna was the best.

Two ads I've been unable to find are the early Maggi noodles and Nirma washing powder adverts. If anyone finds them, let me know!