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It turns out that Manmohan Singh needs 33 cabinet ministers as a part of his panel. In contrast, Obama requires only 15. That said, Manmohan has a significant challenge maintaining a balance across the social and regional dimensions of the coalition party. They have chosen to go with several young leaders, with a large number of ministers in their 40s and some in the 30s. Interestingly, there are four ministers from Karnataka. Clearly, this is a sign for the BJP government in Bangalore.

In other news, it turns out that the publishers of the Archie comics have decided that he finally needs to choose between Veronica and Betty. In some ways, it feels like a short sighted way of attracting some attention to the franchise. But then, who knows how this might turn out. Let's play out a few possible endings depending on whom the script ends up with.

Hollywood Producer: Archie is about to propose to Veronica, but makes a last minute decision to propose to Betty. Veronica finds love with Jughead.

Independent Producer: Archie finds true love with Jughead. Betty proposes to Moose. Veronica drives into the sunset with Reggie.

Bollwood Producer: Copies the Hollywood script, adds Anu Malik music, but changes the storyline to a Karz style remix with Archie proposing to Veronica, getting murdered by her evil father's goons, being reborn and proposing to Betty's daughter.

And oh, here's an interesting article that presents an ROI model for using Agile vs. Traditional methods.