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Ma Belle is now a happy four month old pup and is growing up into the sweetest thing ever. She is the darling of the kids in the neighborhood who love playing with her since she is absolutely gentle and friendly. We are quite amazed by how quickly she's been learning things - whether it is potty training or learning to give us high fives!  

Here's a fun little strip I threw together with pictures of three month old Ma Belle during her trip to the vet for her vaccination. Click on the images for the higher resolution pictures off Picasa in case you have trouble reading the fine print.

But seriously, it went smoothly and our vet Dr Pawan is fabulous. Like most dogs, she wasnt to happy being held and confined during the vaccination and nail clipping, but was at ease right after and went around getting to know a few of Pawan's other patients (including a rabbit and a persian kitten).