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My Food Blog has a fresh new look with a blazing fast blogger template that 'pre-loads' pages in advance so that your user experience is seamless!!! My thanks to a new blogger template released by Ramani (Hackosphere). Read on to know more about it.

Ramani's Neo template uses a technology called AJAX to asynchronously preload your labels and posts from your blog feed. His site has simple dummied down instructions that make it pretty simple if you are not technical. If you current are on blogspot and would like to get a sense of what your blog might look like with Neo, you can check out his live demo page, which loads up your blog posts within Neo.

There are some feature limitations such as requiring a public blog, single post on main page, and commenters link not showing up next to his name. However, these are tradeoffs required to provide the blazing fast page loads, and are well worth it.

I also did a bit of other housekeeping, changing the banner image, cleaning up the label categories and a few other things which were overdue.

Check it out and let me know what you think!