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Looking for a jukebox for Youtube? Check out jukeboxtube. It provides a simple way on the right pane to run a search on youtube for songs/videos you may be looking for and then click on the '+' button to add it to the jukebox on the left pane. I like the simple interface, and practicality of the site.

I also used to look up some old tennis videos on youtube - I ran searches for Rod Laver vs. Borg, Connors, etc.

Youtube is turning out to be such a gold mine. This video of Rod Laver vs. Tony Roche 1969 Australian Open SF. Laver (in white hat) when begins his journey to the Grand Slam is incredible.

Playing with wooden rackets, you see Laver strike unbelievable volleys, backhand winners and passing shots. The serve and volley game is powerful and intense - don't miss this one to see Laver at close to his best. To me, its a sad reminder of how the game has gotten dull these days with a lot baseline grinding.