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5 in a row. And what a match this was. Rafa played a better game overall and has a Wimbly in him for sure, but Fedex stepped up in the last set to take it away. With 9 consecutive Grand Slam finals and 11 Grand Slam titles overall, I see nothing stopping Fedex from being the greatest ever. But what will be more interesting is what the future holds for Nadal, who is perhaps not talked about as much, but has potential for being the one player who can dominate all surfaces. He has improvised his game on grass significantly this year, perhaps even being a better grass-courter than Fedex himself. It's very likely Nadal will win Wimbly before Fedex conquers France.

Wikipedia has a neat table showing the Fedex Slam record

Either way, its 5 in a row. And my week couldn't have possibly gotten off to a better start.