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Did you know that the Delirium Café in Brussels holds the Guiness Book world record for the most beers? It's located in a little alleyway 5 minutes away from the Grand Place in the city center.

You pass the sign of a pink elephant (BTW, I suspect the sign refers to the euphemism for delirium, "seeing pink elephants") and follow the stairs down to the basement, where everyone is seated on tall stools around large wooden barrels. The huge menu offers a list of over 2000 beers from various countries - and yes, Kingfisher was listed.

If you'd like to try a local beer, be sure to sample the dark Delirium and the Duvel ('Devil') - but be forewarned, they live up to their names! I didnt see any pink elephants or devils, but sure needed caffeine the next morning!

All across Brussels, you find little statues of Manneken Pis, a young boy pissing. Legend has it that the child saved the Grand Place by putting out a bomb by pissing on the fuse. What really amused us though was finding a statue of his female counterpart, known as Jeanneke Pis right by the Cafe!