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I made a brief trip on Jan 18th to Seoul, Korea along with our sales team in an effort to identify strategic partners for our growth in the region. This was quite a hectic trip since it was the week before the wedding, and Monami and I had so many things to wrap up. On top of that, I spent more time in the air flying to Korea than on the ground during the day long meetings. The temperature changes were pretty harsh as well - going from pleasant Bangalore winter to humid Singapore where I had layover to freezing Seoul, where the mercury hit zero. By the time I got back, Monami had already left to Nagpur and it took me a day to unwind. However, all in all, it was a productive trip and here are a few pictures with Royce and Chih-Che.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at a restaurant near our hotel. I've posted a brief review on my food blog - make sure you check it out.