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When I went into the theater to watch Casino Royale this weekend, I was expecting the usual 'leave your brains in the car park' - guns, babes and gizmos oversimplistic sensational masala mix. Well, it had all of that, but all in all, was a credible and realistic movie.

In fact, it may be the best Bond movie I've seen. Daniel Craig's character reminded me a lot of Alec Leamas, the protagonist from John le Carré's novel 'The Spy who came in from the cold'. It's difficult to pinpoint what it is - His hardened looks? Moral complexities?

Or maybe simply the fact that unlike the other Bonds who would come out of a martial arts tussle dodging howitzers without any signs of a loose thread on their exquisite tailored suits, Daniel's character bleeds like the rest of us mortals.

He's real.