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Meet Darth.

In order to enable an increasing need for my being 'always on' and connected, I recently got a new lifeline to the wired world, my umbilical cord to the 'enterprise'.

But Darth has a 'Bright Side'.

Jokes apart, 'Darth', my Blackberry 8700G has already been a life saver. My laptop crashed last Thursday and I almost suffered a nervous breakdown since I had a dozen things to finish between sales RFP responses, forecast updates, and urgent emails. I got an urgent wake up call at 5AM from our sales rep in China asking for a new proposal, and I managed to somehow edit the word doc off Darth and zip it off in time.

Pros: Always on and reliable email access - corporate and gmail/yahoo, great integration with outlook and other tools, excellent screen, handy qwerty keyboard, google chat and yahoo IM clients, slick web browser, outlook calendar view, basic MS Office apps.

Cons: It's clunky, has a standby battery life of about one day, and I got this just around when I was considering finally buying a camera phone (it doesnt have a camera and other 'fun' features). And yes, it looks much akin to Darth Vader, like my friend pointed out as soon as she saw it.