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I had a lovely birthday, spending my day trying to do as many of my favorite things as I could. I had a list of ten, and made it through almost all. Breakfast at India Coffee House. A game of tennis (with Hashimi). Coffee at Kalmane. Scrabble. Shopped for running shoes. Crab at Kudla.

Thank you so much everyone for your wishes - I had a deluge of greetings over email, on the phone and on orkut. And thanks for the many lovely gifts.

One present that stood out was a creative and thoughtful one from some of my team mates. Most of you are well tuned in to my obsession for Federer. Well, they morphed my face on top of his rival Nadal's and here you have it - the clash of the titans ;-) (The picture of mine they chose is from a face painting contest at work - the blue butterfly was painted by one of my colleagues)

Isnt it lovely? Well who knows, I might still meet Federer someday. Perhaps as a spectator at Wimbledon. ;-)