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Although I love latin music and dance, it's been a while since I've had a chance to go out dancing here in Bangalore. This weekend, Nali informed me about a special salsa workshop going on at Opus and we decided to check it out. Malik Roy, a visiting French instructor was hosting a special session on the Cuban variations of salsa.

The first hour was spent on learning a variety of fun lifts, jumps and tricks. In one of the tricks, the guy had to drop the girl, catch her by the neck and then pull her back up in a spring motion. For some of the girls who had just shown up and were dancing with total strangers, it must have been pretty nerve wracking to be putting their neck, quite literally on the line. All the lifts and jumps were flamboyant and a lot of fun.

The next hour was focused on the basic salsa steps with the Cuban style - the dile que no, guapea, exhibela, and the cortico.

Since I've danced merengue and salsa in the States earlier, I need to get around to finding an intermediate level class in the city where I can polish my skills.