My Birthday

Time flies. Or does it soar? I can’t believe that nearly a year has passed by since my last birthday! My wife and I threw a BBQ party, had a bunch of friends over, and we were dancing away on our terrace well into the night. Earlier that day, I ran a flood relief collection drive in our neighborhood that day for ImagineIndia, and we pulled together a whole load of books, clothes, medicines and other donations. ImagineIndia is an NGO run by Bharath, a former colleague and friend with a lot of heart, and they continue to do great work directly with schools.

This birthday (Oct 8th), I am collecting funds towards for an NGO called Anbu Karangal ( My father has been involved with them for several years now, and he has been particularly appreciative of the little things that they do for children. Their center is home to over 90 abandoned children and 43 senior citizens, and is just a few kilometers away from where my parents live.

I have a modest goal for this collection drive: to sponsor the education of 10 children for a whole year. If you would like to help, it’s pretty simple.

Just Rs 2,000/- (US $50) covers the education of a child for a year (including food, clothes, medical aid and school fees). Write out a cheque or demand draft in favor of “Anbu Karangal”, and I'll be happy to pick it up. Contributions are income tax exempt in India under section 80G.

If you would prefer to contribute with smaller amounts, or even through old clothes, books or medicines just let me know. Little things can go a long way.

As for my birthday, I know my wife is planning something, but I dont quite know what yet!

UPDATE: Nov 4th

My thanks to all my friends who have helped in various ways with collections for the orphanage. I'd like to single out a few whose significant contributions will change the lives of ten children in 2011.

o Asit
o Kapil
o Ajith
o Mithil
o Natasha
o Kunal
o Palkesh
o Kuhu
o Mioara
o Vidyanand

I am planning on visiting the orphanage next week along with some Diwali treats, and will be sure to post pictures!

UPDATE: Dec 15th

Short video of the children having fun with Diwali fireworks and playing with Ma Belle!